Tuesday, January 24, 2012

when in doubt...craft

When one finds herself home for a week because of snow, one tends to have a lot of time on her hands. There is only so much cleaning, laundry and coffee drinking a person can do (wait...wait...not that last one). Since one of my goals was to create more time for crafts, I figured snow days were the perfect time to make good on my promise. 

I made:

This fox shirt.

This skirt out of a men's shirt.

These cute mittens that I plan on dyeing as soon as I get some dye.

And these pillows made out of T-shirts!

And now Maggie will demonstrate the usefulness of these pillows.

Do you want to make your own?

1. Drawstring shirt tutorial on A Beautiful Mess.
2. Skirt tutorial on Megan Nielsen Design Diary.
3. (soon to be) Dip-dyed mittens by Skunkboy Creatures on the Modcloth blog.
4. T-shirt pillows are my own design, but feel free to email me if you really want a tutorial.

I'm thinking this goal can be marked a success, and it's only January. Snow days, I thank you.


  1. Good work! Everything is so cute. What an excellent way to spend snow days!

  2. Amazing!! You very well may have been the MOST productive person in the greater Seattle area during WINTER EXTREME 2012.
    I love everything you did, so great. Mittens are darling, and that skirt is RAD. The tee-shirt is perfect for Mexico.
    Nice work.
    I feel like a total slouch now. :)