Friday, August 22, 2014


Anders and I made a quick trip to my hometown in IL to help my Grandma celebrate her 80th birthday!

 For the past 10 years, my Grandma has been making quilts all sewn by hand. My Mom hung them all up so everyone could check out her work at the party.

My siblings! 

 My cutie nephew, Jack

 The guest of honor, my hilarious Grandma

No visit to the farm is complete without toys.

Monday, August 11, 2014

city art

Artists, Claude Zervas and Joseph Park, (my co-worker's husband!) were commissioned to paint a mural on a fence in downtown Seattle. The fence is nothing covers an ongoing downtown construction project, but Joe and Claude turned it into something spectacular. A few of us from work headed down there to check it out, and it was so colorful and vibrant and made me so happy. It will definitely cheer up the gloomy Seattle days this winter. Major props to the city of Seattle for working hard to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. If you want to see it yourself it can be found on Cherry Street between 3rd and 4th Ave.

and here's a fun little video of my co-worker(s)

Saturday, August 9, 2014

ode to the tomato

I rode my bike to the farmer's market today in search of tomatoes. I bought a giant bag, and as I was headed out, I ran into two poets. My love for tomatoes runs deep (borderline obsession), so I figured that was worthy of a poem. Here is what it says:

Tomatoe (yes, he actually spelled it wrong. Love it.)

of wine
in blood
of shaded night.
sweet heat
filling the vessel with 
a taste of fruit

-WC (

I don't know many places where you can get a poem with your purchase of tomatoes, which is why I think Seattle might be the greatest city on Earth. Just sayin'

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


The Pike Place Fish 2015 calendar is now for sale (remember this post from the photoshoot)! Anders is actually the month of March in case you were wondering. You can order a copy of it here, and the guys will even autograph it for you! This is their first ever calendar, so we are a bit excited over here.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

point defiance

We spent our last free summer Sunday (we're busy, yo!) hiking around Point Defiance's old growth forest. 
It was magnificent. And now we're home about to live stream a Phish show from Georgia, so this is a good day all around. Hooray for summer.