Monday, January 2, 2012

12 for 12

2012 is going to be a very full year. We have five different vacations planned (some small, some really big), a bunch of plans for our house and some (hopefully) exciting things in our careers. I'm really excited to make it the best year ever, so I came up with 12 goals for 2012 to help keep myself focused. I'm feeling really inspired right now and hope I can keep the feeling up all year.

1. Turn my home office into a creative and inspiring work space
2. Landscape our back yard and have a pig roast
3. Reduce my consumption of nightshade plants (ugh...I HATE this one. I eat tomatoes every day!)
4. Support independent and local artists whenever possible
5. Make more time for crafts
6. Add variety to my workouts and take them outside often (especially in the summer!)
7. Create more original recipes (like this one)
8. Learn to take better pictures
9. Try 12 new Seattle restaurants
10. Turn our guest room into a comfortable space so guests actually want to stay
11. Get caught up on photo albums. Print all pictures and get them in albums!
12. Finish all projects I started and never completed in 2011

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