Monday, January 16, 2012

smash putt

We did something kind of different this past weekend. We met up with friends and went to Smash Putt! Smash Putt is a miniature golf course set up in a warehouse. The entire course was designed by artists and engineers who used their imaginative minds to come up with very unique holes. I really have never seen anything like this! Some holes were very traditional in that you hit the ball through a lane, but some holes didn't require the use of a club at all. For example, one hole was a shooting range. You shot your golf ball out of a gun! Check out the pictures below to see some shots of my favorite holes. 

Skee ball hole. You shot your golf ball up the lane just as you would in the classic arcade game.

Log Jammin' ...hit the ball around the logs!

Another non-conventional drop your ball in the top and then spin the wheel to get your ball to go through the maze. Make a wrong turn, and your ball would fall through a hole and land on the floor. The artist designed this after a game his son had.

It was hard! My ball fell to the floor...a lot.

This was one of my favorite holes. It was designed to look just like a living room with a couch, TV and a video game. You were welcome to sit, relax and play the game. However, then, the golfer had to try and shoot their ball through the living room! The people relaxing became the obstacle to shoot around.
Anders and Pat sit in the living room playing video games but are actually making it very hard to golf.

Laura decides to become an obstacle.

Such a unique night in the city! I loved this fun and different golf course. The exhibit/course runs through February, so, if you live in Seattle, I recommend checking it out. I give it an A+!

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  1. This looks like a blast and I totally love the pictures. Hope you are ready for WINTER BLAST 2012! Suppose to hit tomorrow, for reals this time.