Sunday, October 5, 2014


There has been a Washington hike on my bucket list for awhile now. It's called mailbox peak and it's the hardest hike in the Snoqualmie area (or so I like to believe).  If you travel via the old trail (which we did), you hike 3 miles to the top, straight up, gaining 4,000 feet in elevation. It's hard. Really really hard. In fact, it's so steep that it's considered vertical and it is unrelenting. However, when you reach the summit you are rewarded with not only a 360 degree view of beautiful scenery, but you also get to see the famous mailbox that was installed a long time ago. Turns out, a former letter carrier hiked to the top and installed the mailbox, giving the peak its name. It makes the climb totally worth it! Just recently, the Washington Trails Associated created a new trail to the top, which is less steep and much safer. However, it is 5 miles long, adding 2 extra miles to your journey. We ended up doing the new trail down, and we think it was safe move although the pain in my knees, quads, ankles and toes told me it felt no different. 

If you are ever up for an adventure (and some serious exercise), check it out!

 (it's all fun and games in the first mile!)

We added our stamp with a Pike Place Fish sticker and a Blink sticker (my work)