Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Dear Mother Nature,

Thanks for giving us a break today and blessing us with a sunny, clear, high of 59, lovely day. I know it's still technically February, but we will happily take more!

Love, The Millers

Sunday, February 23, 2014

sayulita part 2

Here are a few more pictures from our time in Sayulita via Anders' cell phone!

Monday, February 17, 2014


Anders and I just got back from Sayulita, Mexico, and what a great trip! Sayulita is a little bohemian fishing village just north of Puerto Vallarta. It's small and is a great mix of Mexicans, Ex-pats, surfers and hippies. We rented a house with our good friends and spent most of the week either at the beach, eating in town or hanging out at our house's pool. It's hard for me to get back to places I have already been, but I think I would be pretty happy to have Sayulita on the permanent rotation. Here are some pictures!

The view of Sayulita Bay from our house.

Pat and Anders relax in our house's pool. This is a recurring theme.

I decorated Anders' beard + Mexican sauces

We did go on one adventure...we went fishing and caught a bunch of bonita.


We also made a pit stop at Marieta Island, an uninhabited island just off the coast. 

We also saw whales! It was the first time I have ever seen one in the wild, and I was blown away by the size of this beast. Yup. I am a whale person.

Back in Sayulita, Anders and our guide prepped our bonita. We turned it into fish tacos. 

My favorite Sayulita street

Sidewalk empanadas

red snapper that Anders turned into ceviche

lazy bums!

Anders and Pat found Seahawks ponchos and had to buy them + MEAT!

Our very airy outdoor living room

We met a healer on the beach. He gave Anders and I a deep tissue massage while using bentonite clay (which is detoxifying). 

Our ride for the week.

Thanks for taking a look! If you plan on going to Sayulita, here are a few of our favorites.

Rent this house! We had the best time. I can't say enough nice things about the place and the people who own it.

Restaurants we loved: 
ChocoBanana (really good iced coffee and breakfast)
Rollies (we went there for breakfast and their paella dinner. Both excellent!)
Tierra Viva (for eggs benedict)
El Itacate (for the best tacos in the whole town)
El Jakal (get the coconut shrimp and the crazy avocado!)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

super bowl rally

Well, this will most likely be my last Seahawks post until next September. Sad. We definitely went out with a bang, though. 700,000 people fled to downtown to show their support of the Seahawks with a parade and a rally at Century Link field. That's more people than our population! What a great way to end a magnificent season. Let's do this again next year, mkay?

 Boeing's Seahawks plane overhead

 Richard Sherman

 Marshawn Lynch is all about that action, boss

 Russell Wilson shows off the Lombardi trophy

 I love a good confetti situation

Monday, February 3, 2014


Well, the Seattle Seahawks managed to win the Super Bowl and bring home the Lombardi trophy. We are so excited! Beyond excited! This is our first win in franchise history. I admit, I haven't been a Seahawks fan my whole life, but I haven't missed a game since I moved here 8 years ago, and I think that counts as being a super fan. I mean, we even set an alarm for 3am when we were in Milan a few years ago to see the Seahawks beat the Green Packers with a simultaneous catch in the end zone. Okay, full disclosure, I fell asleep after the first quarter, but still! We are huge fans! We couldn't be happier for our team and the city. And we get to be champions for the ENTIRE YEAR. Go Seahawks!

Here are a few pictures from our Super Bowl party.