Thursday, January 26, 2012

inspiring things

I feel like this has been a great internet week for me! I have come across so many inspiring things, and since things have been a little quiet this week, I thought you might want to check them out too.

1. Anders and I leave for Mexico on Monday (more on that later!), and I am so excited because I found this day pack that will be perfect for our trip. It's a bag made by Baggu, but what's so great about it is it folds within itself to create a teeny tiny pocket that is perfect for sticking down in your luggage. Then, when you get to your destination, you have a day pack all ready for your adventures. I love it! I bought this elephant one, but they have these bags in all kinds of colors and stripes.

2. I found this new blog called Low-Commitment Projects that's done by two art students. Every Monday morning they post a new art project. This past Monday, the art project was called Coffee and Milk, and I thought it was pure genius! So clever, fun and creative. I sat there drinking my coffee wishing I had thought of it first.

3. I also discovered this balloon company based in L.A. called Geronimo Balloon-Troopers. I sort of am obsessed with them. They create these GIANT balloons that you can have delivered to your party. I don't think I'll ever be able to afford one of these, but I'm thinking it might be a future DIY. Amazing, yes?

4. I found another blog called Wearing it on My Sleeves. Sarah (the author, great name) goes to thrift stores and finds cheap dresses and then alters them to fit her. HOW does she do this?!?! I have decided that I desperately need to learn to alter clothes. Think of all the money I could save thrifting and fixing dresses! She makes it look so easy. I'm definitely adding this to the top of my priority list.

5. And last, I found this amazing video on a blog called The Holy Kale. I have been doing yoga for a few years now, but, recently, I have really started investing more time in it. I have been trying to get to at least 5 classes a week. I am very much a beginner (I can't even touch my toes!), but if I keep with it maybe someday I'll end up like this girl. Heck, I would be happy if just my down dog looked like hers! She is absolutely STUNNING. This video made me want to start doing yoga pronto! Watch it any time you need a kick in the pants.

If anyone has anything inspiring to add, please leave it in the comments! I'm always looking for inspiring people, things and places!


  1. this is a link to my friend burgandy's art blog/tumblr... she is a constant colorful inspiration to me...

  2. oh and some more yoga badassery by another incredible woman....