Saturday, January 14, 2012

the little can that could

See this can?

Not to be dramatic, but it might be the single greatest thing I've ever tasted. It's a red pesto with truffles made by Urbani. Anders brought it back for me from Eataly when he was in New York last year. We put this little sauce on pasta, but I also spread in on toast to make veggie sandwiches that were so good I teared up every time I took a bite. When it was gone, I pouted and complained so much that Anders had our local Italian shop special order me another can for Christmas! I ate it happily until a few days ago when I used it all up. So, I decided the only thing to do was to try to recreate it on my own. I found this tomato pesto recipe online and followed it exactly except I swapped out one of the tablespoons of olive oil for truffle oil. I wouldn't say it was exact match for my beloved can of pesto, but it would work in a pinch. We ate it over pasta with vegetables and homemade meatballs!

Turns out, I didn't need to go to all that work because you can buy the tomato pesto online! I'm pretty excited. If you are in a tomato-y mood, I fully recommend either version.

* Urbani is not paying me to promote their product, but I will happily except free cans of pesto if they feel so inclined...

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