Monday, January 30, 2012

company dinner

Every year, the owner of Pike Place Fish Market treats his entire staff and a guest to a fancy dinner. This year, it was held at the Madison Park Conservatory, and what a fancy dinner it was indeed! We enjoyed plate after plate of delicious food all served to us family style. We ate curried lamb ribs, beef tongue, pate with pickled grapes, ceasar salad with anchovies baked into the croutons, chicken, beef, emmer, olive oil gelato and a whole list of other lip-smacking fare. We left mighty full! This annual dinner is always such a nice treat. It's fun to see the boys outside of the market, and everyone relaxes, laughs a lot and eats even more.

It was a great start to our vacation. We leave for the airport shortly, so I'll be back this weekend with lots of pictures and stories!

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