Tuesday, December 13, 2011

tuesday night ramblings

1. Remember when I saw this crazy fruit in a Chinatown grocery store? Well, I was in a regular grocery store today and they had it too! Say what? Is this something most people know about and buy? Where have I been!

2. It has gotten pretty cold here lately. Anders works outside 12 hours a day, so he has taught me a few important tips for keeping yourself warm. One, always wear one layer that you can tuck in, and, two, always keep the back of your neck covered. Apparently, this is where your qi escapes.

3. Since Anders is in his marathon work schedule, I've been in charge of dinners. He did, however, request Vij's curry. Vij's is an Indian restaurant that we ate at in Vancouver, B.C. It's the best curry we have ever eaten (our wait for a table took two hours if that tells you anything). Luckily, we were able to find the recipe online! I'm really excited to add it to the menu this week.

What are you rambling about tonight?

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