Sunday, December 18, 2011

holiday treats

Nothing says the holidays quite like rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands sticky in the kitchen; making sugary sweet treats to share with neighbors, friends and...yourself. So, my friend, Dina, and I spent most of the day Saturday making candy and cookies. We decided to tackle caramels first; making both a bacon flavor (with our husbands in mind!) and a salted flavor that we later dipped in chocolate. Caramels can be tricky, and I had tried and failed this recipe three times by myself, but, apparently, all I needed was Dina because our caramels came out just as they should. They held together when cut, but melted in your mouth when eaten. Perfection!

After caramels, we moved on to the can't-be-beat standard sugar cookie. Of course, between talking, breaking for lunch, coffee drinking and wrapping caramels, we didn't quite get them finished. Icing sugar cookies is on today's agenda!

Despite half finished caramels and cookies and a mess in the kitchen, I would say the day was successful! Thanks for having me, Dina!

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  1. Great photos and great time! Thanks for coming over, I wish we did it more often.