Saturday, December 24, 2011

christmas eve

Well, Santa didn't bring the Seahawks a win today, which means our playoff dreams are crushed. But, let us not focus on the's Christmas Eve by golly, and we had some straight up Christmas miracles today. First off, we found street parking at the market in downtown Seattle, and we had breakfast at the Athenian and did not have to wait for a table. Also, we went to a very crowded bar before the game packed with football fans, and we actually got a seat. Plus, it was 50 degrees today (in December!), and we didn't have to wear a coat in the game. Last, but certainly not least, the boys successfully finished their 90 hour work week and lived to tell about it. Christmas miracles I tell ya!

After the game ended and the shop closed, we got to spend a wonderful evening with Anders' family; eating a delicious dinner and opening up gifts. I sure would like to see tomorrow try and top today!

And now off to bed...I hear Santa doesn't come if you are awake!

friends at the game

warm and sunny Seattle

the boys finally close up shop

nieces and nephews excited for Christmas

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