Wednesday, December 7, 2011

count the references

Anders says the Twilight Franchise, which is set in Forks, WA, is the best thing to happen to that town. This tiny little town on the Olympic Peninsula is home to only 3,532 people with the economy’s money mainly coming from the timber industry. I think it took us all of three minutes to drive through the town when we were over there, but, in that three minutes, I was able to capture six references to Twilight. I find this to be rather impressive. I’m sure I missed many, but I have to give props to the folks of the town for their ability to capitalize on a good thing!

Anders would like everyone to know that this is not actually his hat. He was simply modeling it for the picture.

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  1. OK The statues of Bella and Edward are creepier than real vampires....which I'm sure there are some of...maybe even in Forks!