Friday, December 23, 2011

christmas eve eve

It has been kind of quiet on here the past few days, but that's only because there is nothing going on right now! Anders is still working like crazy, and I'm still playing housewife. We are both looking forward to the holiday this weekend. We have some fun agenda items planned, but also some much needed R&R.

The picture is the ornament we bought for this year. We started a tradition when we got married of buying one new Hallmark ornament every Christmas (actually, my Mom started this tradition when she married my Dad, and I decided to steal it!). We try to find an ornament that fits our personalities, and, this year, I had a bit of trouble finding one. I liked this ornament with Snoopy grilling hot dogs (we love to grill, and we love hot dogs), but I wasn't sure how Anders would feel about a Snoopy ornament. Was it to childish? When I showed it to him the response was..."SNOOOOOOOPY! I LOOOOVE SNOOPY!" 

I learn something new about my husband every day. Success.

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