Wednesday, January 16, 2013

products I love: zum bars

I had a pet goat when I was growing up. I named him Djolly after a character in a book I had read. I'm pretty sure you aren't actually supposed to pronounce the "D" in Djolly, but, as a kid, I didn't know that, so I called my goat Dee-Jolly instead of just Jolly. I really loved Djolly, and I'm pretty sure that having a backyard goat today would be seriously cool, but, unfortunately, my husband and dog have a different opinion. Someday!

Anyway, I love goats and I love goat products. My Mom got me these pretty incredible goat's milk soap bars from a company called Indigo Wild. Here is what they have to say about why these bars are better than regular bars.

"This natural soap has the good stuff of goat's milk, 100% pure essential oils, veggie oils, herbs, natural glycerin and natural mineral pigments. But why? Well, it's better than stuff like tallow (beef fat) or PEG-6 methyl ether (a thickener) or tetrasodium EDTA (water softener) or lard (yeah, no explanation necessary).

The bad stuff in un-natural soap is obvious, but some wonderers wonder, "why use goat's milk?" Well, there's an udder difference in the pH balance of goat's milk. Goat's milk makes our natural soap more akin to the skin than anything else - not too alkaline, not too acidic, but just right. So it doesn't dry skin or leave it feeling oil."

After using the Zum bar for a month, I can totally agree. It's the best, and I just wanted to pass along the info. to you guys as well. I think DJolly would approve too!

(oh and just for the record, I'm not being paid to write this. I just really like them!)

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  1. Awesome! I should get some for Jake, he has the driest skin of anyone I know. I don't think working outside in 30 degree weather helps it much. That must mean goats milk lotion would be really good too, huh??

    See you Sunday!! Want us to pick you guys up still??