Friday, January 11, 2013

korean at home

I tried bibimbap a few months ago when Anders and I went to Chan's for dinner, and we both were definitely smitten with this little dish. It basically combines three of my favorite things: rice, vegetables and a runny egg. Since going out for Korean food isn't always on the agenda, I decided to try and make it at home myself. I followed Michael Natkin's recipe, and, you guys, this was SO good. I'm not kidding. Anders and I declared it amazing and decided we needed to have a bibimbap party, invite friends over and make them eat it pronto. Look for an invitation soon.

Even if you don't want to make the dish, I can also highly recommend his tofu cooking directions he includes in the recipe. I have always been a bit squeamish about tofu, but his instructions sealed the deal. I might be eating tofu every day moving forward.

(bowl of tofu!)


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    1. IT WAS AWESOME! I love your site! Thanks for posting such a great recipe and for the awesome Seattle app (which I also use a lot!).