Wednesday, March 28, 2012

don't jump

So....Anders and I went indoor skydiving last Sunday. It was way easier/cooler/nicer and less stressful than regular skydiving. I can say this because I've actually been regular skydiving. You know...with a real plane and all. My experience with real skydiving went something like this:

Instructor strapped to my back: Okay. Now just put your foot on the plane wing outside this door that's open as this crazy intense wind is screaming by you and blowing your hair in knots you won't get out for a week

Me: AUGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGH. Don't make me jump. Don't make me jump. DON'T MAKE ME JUMP. I'll pay you any amount of money to NOT MAKE ME JUMP.

Instructor strapped to my back: You realize you are strapped to me, yes? Therefore, when I jump too. And I always jump.

Me: @#$!

Scariest moment of my life. Don't recommend it. Indoor skydiving is for scaredy-cats, which means it's right up my alley and way cool.

Ha! Who needs a guy strapped to your back when I have a wind tunnel and a instructor with two feet on the ground!

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