Friday, April 19, 2013

products I love: bogs

Anders and I have been wearing Bogs footwear for the past three years or so. We LOVE them. They are easy to slip on, have great traction, are waterproof and, best of all, they keep your feet warm (maybe sometimes a little too warm). They have all sorts of plain colors for guys and cool patterned ones for girls. I have these and have these ordered. I wear mine all the time. Seriously. I garden in them, commute to work in them, go to the dog park in them and take walks in them. They are fantastic, and we are big fans. The Bogs company is nice enough to supply the entire fish market with work shoes, and we all know those boys work a lot. If Bogs footwear can hold up in that kind of physical, wet, hard working environment…what can’t they accomplish, you know? The Bogs company asked Anders is he would like to be an ambassador for them, and given the love we have for the company, he said yes! You can check out his cool story here, and I’ve also linked to a video the guys at the shop did about the shoes. Check it out!

* And, as always, I was not paid to write this :)

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