Wednesday, August 29, 2012

knit to gather

Now that summer is winding down and fall and the cooler weather will soon be upon us, my friend, Jen, decided to start a knitting club that meets every week at Miro Tea. Now, I've never really thought much about learning to knit, but I'm an experience junkie and don't often turn down the chance to learn something new. Turns out, it's super fun...especially in a tea shop! Jen was a great teacher and very encouraging. For example, instead of saying my work looked like a kid's crappy craft project, she would simple say it was "adorable!" Woo! My work is adorable! I'll take it!

 Tea samples!

No idea what's going on here, but this pictures makes me smile. 

Dina is making a washcloth and Jen (right) is making a neck warmer for her daughter. 

Sticking your tongue out helps to get it right. 

My first attempt! 

I'm pretty proud of my first little practice knit.


  1. I never learned how to knit.... once bought myself a book and needles to learn, but I got distracted before I even started! If you keep up with knitting, I'll mail them to you. I did self teach myself to crochet, and for a while was VERY in to it. I think I have craft A.D.D.

    Kate. :)

  2. Can't wait 'till next week, love the pictures of our knitting!