Monday, August 6, 2012

big bottom

Anders and I spent last weekend camping on the property we own with friends. It is located down south by Mt. Rainier in a place that is lovingly referred to as the Big Bottom Valley. I like to think of our land as our secret playground. It's hidden far off the freeway and the ten acres next to us just happen to be owned by friends too, which gives us 15 acres of land to play on. Every summer you can almost always find someone camping down there, and this past weekend just so happened to have around 70 friends camping (we plan it that way!). It was a great weekend and since the weather was in the 90s (!) most of our time was spent staying cool in the river.

Here are some pictures!

 Roadside stand

 Kids, popsicles and peace signs.

 Quinn and Jaxin or you can just call them trouble.

 This is Ava...or Aliza...can't be sure as she has an identical twin :)

 All weekend there were laughs...

 ...and more laughs.

 Ayla and Harper...two of the cutest kiddos I ever did see.

Safe bike riding and Rudy who was so proud that he was able to scare me with his stuffed snake.

 Pretty Padget. She owns the property next to ours.

 Colby in the (very hot) sunshine.

I do this all day long, which is why I wake up with back spasms. True.

Close up of Mt. Rainier on the ride home.

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