Sunday, June 17, 2012

to my dad

Happy Father's Day!

My Dad is kinda the bee's knees. He has pretty impressive corn hole skills (not be confused with corn planting skills because he has those too), can grill a mean steak and will take on anyone in a belly flopping contest. And when I was little he used to help me practice for softball and will still tell people to this day that I was pretty good (I wasn't). And one time when I was little and we were driving down the freeway, I saw full garbage bags sitting by the side of the road and I told him I thought they were probably bags of money. He actually pulled over and checked for me and wasn't mad when it was only leaves. And his nickname for me when I was a kid was "Sarah Rodriguez Hernandez Sanchez Emanuel Louise Smith Brown," and I have to admit that it's pretty much the coolest nickname a kid can have.

So thanks, Dad, for being awesome. I love you!


  1. Oh and you totally forgot to mention moonwalking in the hardware store!

  2. Haha. SOYBEANS! Too funny. And I forgot about moonwalking! And walking into poles.

  3. Thanks Sarah. That was very special... and you were the fastest one on the team.