Monday, June 25, 2012

back to it

Ah Monday. It comes around all too soon, doesn't it? No worries, though. I've got a whole list of reasons why this week is going to be seriously awesome-town. 

I'm trying two new recipes this week. I'm making this shrimp curry for dinner and this green quinoa for our lunches. Both look delicious.

We're anticipating the Wednesday sunshine and going to Trago for dinner to sit on their roof top patio for dinner. Can't wait.

I just started this book, which I'm excited about. Ironically, this summer has felt a bit like the arctic, so it seems fitting. I'll let you know how it is.

Anders and I are going to check out Exofficio, which sells wrinkle resistant, fast drying, SPF and bug repellent clothing. How cool would that be for our many travels? I love this skirt and this dress. I can't wait to visit the store!

I also have plans to get together with the wives of these boys (like her!). Hooray for girl-time.

Have a good week!

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