Tuesday, February 21, 2012

garden show

I'm still working on my New Year's goals. One of the biggest ones for me is to landscape our backyard. Since spring is right around the corner, we are going to have to get that goal in gear soon. Anders and I spend a lot of time in our yard and really want to make it as cozy as we feel about the inside of our house. We headed downtown last weekend to get some inspiration at the Seattle Garden Show, and we were blown away by what people were able to create. Here are some of the highlights:

A chicken coop made out of a van was my favorite display. They had popped the hatch and added a ladder to the back so they chickens could nest. Also, these might have been the cutest chickens I've ever seen if one could call a chicken cute. And check out the Paris scene!  All I needed was a cafe au lait and a macaroon.

See! Cute, right?

Potato seeds grown in actual potato bags. So simple, but so cute. There was also a "rock" garden, and the drums were the fountain. The curved pipes above the drums slowly dripped water which caused the drums to be lightly played.

I'm in love with these hanging pallet gardens! This is a serious contender for our garden if I can figure out where to hang it. I found this tutorial online, and it doesn't sound too hard. I also loved the tree made out of recycled bottles. Sometimes I feel like I should never have to go out and buy anything. It's amazing what you can create with a little bit of imagination.

Another hanging garden. This one with a chevron design. The way to my heart is through chevrons. Well, that and vacation time.

Giant glass flowers made my heart skip. I wouldn't hate having that shed either. 

And meet our newest addition! This is Domio, and he will live in our garden. He is made of stone so Maggie can't eat his hat. Quincy, the last garden gnome, was not so lucky.

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