Wednesday, February 15, 2012

slim's last chance

Anders and I seem to like to spend holidays in dive bars (remember New Years?). They just seem to be more "us." Less fussy and crowded and expensive and...and...and...

We spent Valentine's Day at Slim's Last Chance, which just happens to have the best chili in the entire city if I do say so myself. They have five varieties, but we settled on the white chicken chili over macaroni and cheese and a Kobe beef hot dog topped with the traditional red bean chili. Follow the entire meal up with nanaimo bars (quite possibly the best treat ever) eaten in the car next to a bouquet of flowers from your husband, and you've got yourself a mighty grand holiday.

(you might be wondering what's up with the Valentine's themed skulls in my art display for my husband in the top picture. It's not as weird as it may look. We love Day of the Dead stuff, and we just got back from Mexico. As I've mentioned before, I like themes!)

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