Wednesday, May 7, 2014

100 happy days

A few of my co-workers and I decided to play a game where we take 1 picture every day of something that makes us happy. We then post our pictures to Yammer (our work's social networking site). For the record, we didn't come up with this game. It's something that is going around the internet, but we decided to play along too. I am always looking for reasons to take pictures and stopping to appreciate things that make me happy each day can't hurt either. So far I'm only on day 20, but I haven't missed a picture yet. Here are a few of my happy pictures.

Eating local and sustainable/running is so much more fun with my colorful shoes 

A rainbow in our backyard/lazy Saturday afternoons 

Splurging on $10 dahlias for my garden/olive oil from our adopted olive tree in Italy 

Working really close to the fish market for lunch time visits/my nerdy dog

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