Monday, July 1, 2013

sunday funday

Just a few random pictures from our Sunday. It was a hot one! We spent the morning at the Fremont Sunday Market and then the Ballard Farmer's Market, but then we went home before the afternoon sun hit and took naps underneath a fan. Seattlites aren't used to these super hot temperatures (I heard it hit 90!) and very few people have air conditioning. This is not me complaining, though.

The hottest dog that ever did live. She won't sleep anywhere but the cool floor these days.

 We got these crazy traditional (?) Japanese waffles in Fremont that are shaped like fish and come filled with all kinds of stuff. Ours had bacon and cheese because, duh.

Water and shade!

Anders and I wait all year for garlic scapes!

Cherry season is here

Rainbow chard

Hot days make us think of cold beer, so we made homemade beer (using this kit my Mom bought us for Christmas a while ago). We can't wait to see how it comes out (the whole process take a few weeks to a month).

Happy 4th of July week to you all. Hooray for short work weeks!

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