Friday, July 26, 2013

see ya

Sorry it has been a bit quiet on the blog this week. It has been kind of an obnoxious week. We are still under construction, which means our kitchen is totally torn up and a mess, and we are forced to do dishes in the bathtub. Sigh. I'm taking a break from it all and heading to Daytona, FL to meet up with family for a week at the beach. My family has been traveling to the same resort every year since I was a kid, which is just sort of a funny thing. Pick any time of the day, and I can tell you what we will be doing! 8am...donuts and coffee. noon...burgers from the food truck. 1pm...most likely a volleyball game followed by an immediate cool down in the pool. 7pm dinner on some outdoor patio with a guy playing Jimmy Buffet cover songs. Repeat for 7 days and you've got yourself a Florida vacation. It's a very predictable trip, and it's glorious! See you soon!

Daytona, FL circa 2010

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