Monday, June 3, 2013

three things I currently love and one thing I hate

1. This shirt was accidentally sent to me by  mistake. When I contacted the company, I was told I could keep it (it's says "Coffee...a hug in a cup")! Love!

2. These flowers randomly decided to start growing at the base of our deck stairs. I have no idea where they came from (squirrels?), but I love them.

3. You can now buy Maddie on Things prints! As I've mentioned before, I love Maddie. I bought this picture for our kitchen, and it is SO cool. Everything about it is perfect. 


I do NOT love the giant hobo spider that decided to crawl across the COUCH and attack me. For a frame of reference, please refer to this picture I took of one a few years ago in our bathroom. Not cool. Soooo...not cool. I refused to get on the couch the rest of the day.

Happy Monday! Hopefully there are no spiders and only free shirts in your day.


  1. Those random flowers are awesome! Also, that t-shirt and the dog print. I need both!

    1. I know, right! The flowers are literally growing out of cracks in our sidewalk. Such a perfect spot. It looks like I did it on purpose.

  2. Ummm....I bought you that Maddie print and was going to frame it and send it to you for your kitchen. I guess that means I now have the Maddie print for my kitchen, or one of your sisters or your brother has a Maddie print for their kitchen. lol We should coordinate better! I love it, though.