Wednesday, May 15, 2013


After owning this beautiful hammock a long time (it was a gift at our wedding! and handmade in Brazil!), we finally got around to hanging her up. To be honest, our yard hasn't been worthy of a nice hammock until recently. But after all the hard work we have done (here, here, here and here), I think it's time she finds a home in our yard. I'm pretty excited to have all major yard projects done. Other than still needing to plant a few flowers, I plan to spend the rest of my summer riiiiiight here. 

(although who ordered the rain the day after we hung it up? I tried to get Anders to lay in it for a picture and it was drenched! Fail.)

(oh, we also added marbles to our fence for quick and easy garden art. Such a cool idea. Unfortunately, my pictures didn't come out)


  1. The hammock is beautiful, your fig tree is getting so big and your birdhouses look great....but dear God, is that the house they are building right on top of you? Holy smokes!

  2. I want marbles in my fence too!