Friday, July 13, 2012


It's summertime, the sun is shining and I'm inspired. Hiking inspired. After our hike to Rattlesnake Ridge, I realized that I haven't done a whole lot of hiking in the area. Seeing as how we are home to some of the best trails around, I felt I needed to remedy that. I packed up Maggie last Saturday and headed to Little Si. She and I completed the 5 miles to the top and back. It was comparable to Rattlesnake Ridge, a mile longer, but still had amazing views. Then, on Sunday, Anders and I met up with our friends again, and we went on a mission to find Scout Lake. We took a logging road and somehow ended up on the side of a mountain with no trail! I'm talking straight up back country. Since we had no bear mace and no compass, we figured we were a bad movie waiting to happen, and we quickly retreated before ever finding the lake. was a workout, we were outside and we didn't see any bears, so it all worked out (actually I did a google search and found nothing on Scout Lake, so I don't think it's really a place. Where were you taking us ANDERS!?)

Here are some pictures from the two hikes. These were all taken with my iPhone because trying to manage a dog, a day pack and keep a lookout for bears is easier when you don't have a heavy camera at your side. 
Yea, iPhone! 

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  1. Little Si is awesome! Glad you loved it. I hope my energy comes back someday, right now I can't even imagine hiking up a mountain!