Saturday, December 17, 2016

page, arizona

We took a detour to Page, Arizona specifically to hike Antelope Canyon. To be honest, when I researched going here, I thought I had stumbled upon a secret hike only few adventurous souls knew about. It turns out that Antelope Canyon is VERY well know and has tour buses of eager hikers showing up on the hour, all day long. You can only access the canyon with a guide, and the tour companies have it down to a science. While the pictures make it look like we are alone, there were actually throngs of people being shuffled through the canyon in front and behind us somewhat diminishing the whole experience.'s easy to see why so many people make the trek to see the canyon. It is simply beautiful with bright, red, swirling rock. If you don't mind being one of thousands entering the canyon then I recommend going. You have two options to choose from, lower antelope canyon and upper (we did lower), and it's a fairly easy and flat hike and will take you about an hour to get through it. We used Ken's Tours and had a great experience. The guide makes frequent stops for picture taking and while you are encouraged to be quick about it, you still have ample time to get photographs.
The other thing to do in Page is to check out horseshoe bend, a very impressive canyon bend indeed. Just be careful, there are no guardrails!
Horseshoe Bend

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