Wednesday, October 12, 2016

moab, utah

Anders and I just returned from a two week road trip through the SW. We started in Moab and made our way to Telluride, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Page, Las Vegas and Palm Springs. It was an incredible trip with a lot of different landscapes. I thought I would post some of the photos here (I know! It has been awhile! Hi!) starting with our first stop, Moab, Utah.
We were only there a short while (two days to be exact), but we managed to cram a lot in. While the town of Moab doesn't have a ton going on, the scenery is breathtaking and it was one of my favorite places on the trip. Here is what we did:
  • Hiked to Delicate Arch Rock in Arches National Park
  • Drove to Dead Horse State Park at 6am to watch the sunrise over the Canyonlands
  • Visited Castle Creek Winery. They have a movie museum that showcases all the films that have been made in the area!
  • Drove the scenic Hwy 128 and pulled over to check out the incredible Fisher Towers
  • Hiked to Morning Glory Arch, one of the longest natural bridges in the world!
  • Ate a delicious breakfast at Eklecticafe
 Hiking to Delicate Arch in Arches National Park
 Delicate Arch
 Scenic Hwy 128
 Visiting Castle Creek Winery
 More from Hwy 128 with a stop at Fisher Towers
 Sunrise at Dead Horse State Park
 Overlooking the Canyonlands
 The red rocks during our hike to Morning Glory Arch
 A bit of color in all that desert
 A desert hare!
 It's a bit hard to photograph, but Morning Glory Arch is one of the longest natural bridges in the world.

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