Sunday, November 16, 2014

2nd most adventurous dog in the city

Ibex, one of our favorite clothing stores, was holding a "most adventurous dog contest" recently, and I decided that Maggie was pretty adventurous and should have a shot. So, I submitted a picture of her at the top of mailbox peak that I took with Anders and our buddy Shane when we were hiking, and, guess what? She tied for second place! Maggie won me a free pair of Ibex sock (which I LOVE) and she got her picture posted in the store. Ibex asked us to bring her in so they could meet her and I could collect my prize. It was very exciting.

Thanks, Ibex! We are thrilled! Maggie is going to start honing her skills for next year's contest.

Here is the winning photo from our time at Mailbox Peak:


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