Tuesday, September 23, 2014

fishing the kenai

One of the coolest things we did in Alaska was fish the Kenai river. It was silver salmon season and the river did not disappoint! After a slow start catching only pinks (pink salmon were also abundant in the river, but most of them were spawned out and they aren't as good), we finally found a pocket of silvers and pulled them out slowly but surely. I'm not sure exactly how many fish we ended up with  (9?), but I do know that we ended up with 44lbs of fish. And while it might seem a little weird that we paid to have all of our fish sent home to Seattle when Anders works in a fish market, there really isn't anything better than eating fish you caught yourself.

I have more pictures to share from our time in the Kenai (we also went to Seward and Homer), but I thought fishing deserved it's own post as there were just too many pictures! 

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