Monday, July 21, 2014


Anders and I decided the only proper way to celebrate 5 years of marriage was a trip to Vegas. I have been to Vegas many many times, but this was my first time going in 10 years and my first time with Anders. According to our cab driver, Vegas is a "saggy-ass" town, and there is definitely a scene there that isn't our speed. However, if you look hard enough you can find a lot of gems among the clubs and pool parties and $15 drinks. We had a blast! We spent time gambling in the Fireside Lounge at the Peppermill, ate amazing steaks at the Golden Steer, found secret pizza at a no name pizza spot at the Cosmopolitan and caught the Michael Jackson Cirque de Soleil show, which was the highlight of the trip and better than I had even imagined it could be. These are all cell phone shots as I decided not to drag my nice camera around the town, but I still managed to capture a few great moments.

 No name pizza/A cupcake ATM

 Anders hoping for a big payout/Meeting his childhood idol

 Michael Jackson One

 Hands down the coolest spot in Vegas

View from The Mix. This place is a swanky bar at the top of our hotel. It wasn't so much our scene, but you can't beat the view.

Thanks for the great time, Vegas, although did you really need to keep so much of our money? We'll be back to square up soon.

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