Saturday, October 27, 2012

fall challenge

JoAnna from one of my favorite blogs, A Cup of Jo, has started giving her readers weekly fall challenges. She posts a new one every week. The first challenge was to go a week without TV, but since it's football season, I promptly declined. The second challenge was to memorize a poem, but, well, I just sort of forgot about that one. However, this week's challenge was to try a new food, and since I love to eat, I figured this was a challenge I could get behind. I finally tried Bibimbap last night, a Korean dish which literally translates to mixed rice. It comes with vegetables, a fried egg and super delicious sliced beef. It was so fun to try something new and step outside my comfort zone, and, also, it was bonus! What do you think? Wanna play along?

Also, random, but this article was super interesting to me. People living forever in Ikaria. 

Happy Saturday!

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