Friday, May 25, 2012

infused vodka

Anders and I decided to get crazy and make some infused vodka for some fun cocktails. The process was very easy!

Step 1: Wash and cut up your favorite fruit. We used golden honeydew,  cherries and kiwi, but any fruit would work. The more fruit you use, the more flavor it will have.

Step 2: Place cut up fruit in a jar and cover with vodka until fruit is submerged. Shake a few times and put on lid tightly.

Step 3: Place jar in a dark, cool spot and let it sit for 2 weeks. Shake jar daily if you remember.

Step 4: After a few weeks, strain vodka into a clean jar.

Step 5: Eat fruit (maybe not all at once).

Step 6: Drink vodka (we prefer ours with club soda).


  1. Awesome.
    Call us when it's ready.
    We'll bring the ice.

  2. Yes! Been meaning to do this for awhile. Gonna do watermelon, cucumber, and blueberry!

    1. Cucumber sounds amazing! Let me know how it turns out!